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My portfolio

Below are some of the projects that I've completed over the years that I'm most proud of. I've tried my hand at everything from video and animation to 3D tours, logos, and podcasts. 



De la salle Virtual Tour

I created this virtual tour from scratch using 3DVista, developed a game to keep prospects engaged, and participated in the development of the marketing communications that got the word out amongst the community. Visit it here.


Shelby PD K-9 Hype Video

While working with ShelbyTV, we were tasked with making a hype video for the K-9 division of the Shelby PD. I filmed, edited, and animated this video over the course of 3 months.


DLS Recruitment Videos

These videos were created for the same client as #1, De La Salle Collegiate, and were used in tandem with the Virtual Tour. This is one of eleven videos, explaining De La Salle's application process and extracurricular programs.


Eisenhower Football Camera Crew

Working with ShelbyTV, part of my job was to help broadcast the Eisenhower High School football games live to YouTube. While only one game is shown here where I was filming with one of the sideline cameras, I alternated between a position on any given night, between sideline camera, sky camera, audio, or graphics.


Veritá Recruitment Videos

Similar to #3, Veritá Telecommunications requested a set of recruitment videos aimed at potential employees. I worked directly with current employees, and shot, edited, and animated all seven of these videos. This is one example.


"Make Your Own Luck" Music Video

This was my final project in high school, and while it has its' flaws, I'm still incredibly proud of it. My multimedia instructor got in touch with local folk band Mustard's Retreat for myself and my partner to make a music video for their latest single, "Make Your Own Luck".

The video follows a fan of the band who's on a journey to see them for their concert. Along the way, he runs into numerous obstacles that hinder him. When he finally arrives at the venue, the concert is over. Luckily, a fellow fan of the band also seemed to miss the concert, and there's a bit of a spark between the two.


"The Treehouse" Animations

At ShelbyTV, myself and a few co-workers participated in the production of a children's show we created called, "The Treehouse". I created all of the motion graphics here, and did so through my time at ShelbyTV. I also created the YouTube thumbnail.




set n stone band logo

I created the logo for my band from scratch. We're a cover band, and we mainly play 60's, 70's, and 80's rock music, so I decided to design a minimalist cassette tape as the base, and fit our name into it.


The ineligible receivers football podcast

I love football. I also love talking football. It just so happens that so do my best friend from high school and my brother. 

We created "The Ineligible Receivers: An NFL Podcast" and I developed a logo and album art. I also created the intro/outro music, and I produce the audio for each episode.

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