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A little about me

Personal Profile

Hi, I'm Brenden Kucken, a multimedia professional and marketer based in Shelby Township, MI.


My journey with multimedia and marketing began when I was in elementary school. Starting at around 5th grade, I remember always wanting to become a filmmaker. The older I got, the more interested I became in the field of marketing, given I've grown up in an era where technology has evolved so quickly. In high school, I was accepted into a program known as UCSI, or Utica Center for Science and Industry. This program allowed me to explore the Adobe suite in a context I never had before. It also allowed me to develop the framework for the efficient workflow that I maintain, today.

After I graduated high school, I interned at my local television station for two years while I went to Oakland University to study Marketing. While I was there, I was able to gain experience with production-grade film and live streaming equipment, while furthering my understanding and skills in the Adobe suite, specifically in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

I moved on to intern at Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), a marketing firm based in Troy. Here, I was able to learn how to combine my marketing education with my video and animation experience, and participate firsthand in marketing campaigns from conception to delivery. I graduated from Oakland University with my Bachelor's degree in Marketing in December of 2022 with Honors College distinction, and I've since been brought on full time at DMG as a Digital Coordinator/Videographer.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and family, keeping up with the Detroit Lions, and playing out with my band, Set N Stone.

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